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Desktop background of animated pixel artdesktop, gif, mpv, wallpaper
Web key directoryencryption, pgp
Open hardware listlist
Disable desktop metadatafilesystem, gtk, linux
Distributing softwarepackage managers, packages, programming
Bookmarked web surfingbookmarks, browser, surfing, web
Thunderbird notesconfiguration, mail, thunderbird
Discussion mailing listscommunity, email, list, mailing
Movim XMPP social network and web-clientdistributed, movim, network, protocol, social, xmpp
Firefox customisationfirefox, privacy
OCaml list of linksocaml
Int of float hazardocaml
Decentralised Gitdecentralisation, git
Copyleft licencing benefits societycopyright, licence, open source, society
Storing an OCaml callback function in a C++ objectc++, callbacks, ocaml
Creating a setup for OpenGL development with OCaml
Never too late for privacyprivacy
Instant messaging the open wayim, instant messaging, jabber, xmpp
Private communicationIM, email, otr, pgp, privacy
Getting started for NuttX development on Linuxnuttx
Searching for FTP-LDAP-daemons

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Computer culture links


Recycling symbolsrecycling, symbols
Megafarmsfarming, food
Mossy Earth planting treesecosystem, forest, nature, tree


Blogrolllinks, websites


Rediscovering the librarybooks, libraries
Frontiersfrontiers, humanism, life, mission
Keeping track of finances with HomebankDIY, finance, free-software, homebank

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Vegan beersbeer, vegan