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Desktop background of animated pixel art

Ever found some animated pixel art you wanted as your desktop background? I did when I found https://puddle.town/@root. Beautiful art!

Downloaded images and animations into a directory. Then wrote a bash script with an mpv command to play the contents of a directory as a playlist, at reduced speed, on a loop:

 mpv --wid=0 --image-display-duration=1 --loop-file=5 --speed=0.5 --loop-playlist=inf Downloads/pixelart

The parameters meaning:

  1. wid=0: display on background
  2. image-display-duration: how many seconds to show a static image (jpg, png, etc) for
  3. loop-file: how many times to replay a single file
  4. speed: playback speed relative to its normal speed
  5. loop-playlist: how many times to replay the list, inf is infinate.
  6. Downloads/pixelart: the directory path