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Mossy Earth planting trees

Do you like trees and forests? Do you think there are not enough? Are you concerned about the carbon footprint of your daily commute or holiday travel?

Mossy Earth is a social enterprise which plants trees with the aim to restore ecosystems. They pick areas where trees have been stripped (because of fires for example) and employ local people with good knowledge of the native species. In one report they are referred to as tree engineers, which sounds darn cool.

The team is really good at communicating and being reachable. Almost every month I receive informative and well-presented news about their progress and plans. I also receive photographs of the trees planted on my behalf and their coordinates. Also I know that if I email them I will hear back promptly and thoughtfully. For example, when I joined I was momentarily somewhat deflated by how much they are dependent on the services of internet companies I'm trying to avoid. But that was immediately mitigated by their quick response and open minded discussion with Duarte (one of the founders). Now they are looking to replace Facebook with their own forum system. Because of all this, Mosssy makes me feel I'm actively participating in the projects.

At the time of writing their projects are: