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Never too late for privacy

It's never too late to assert the right & privilege of privacy.

The negative side-effects of ceding private information diminish with time. Although some sensitive information never does.

Organisations (companies, governments, agencies, ..) which gain from the loss of liberty and individuality, can only do so whilst harvested information is useful.

Examples of personal information which changes and is mostly valuable whilst current, are:

The above become invalid and worthless as person evolves and adapts. Organisations can no longer make correct assumptions about their target and lose their effectiveness at manipulating behaviour.

Whenever one decides to restore their privacy, one immediately starts disappearing from the organisations radar and reaps the gains of liberty. A person restoring privacy also becomes a member of the society which responsibly values and protects the liberties of every citizen.

We want that part of the society to win right? It's never to late to join and the cost of liberty has never been cheaper: a change in the habits of how we click buttons.