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Join <snews://orbitalfox.eu:563/>. Account is required, email me for one (fox @ this domain).

General settings

The common protocol settings you will have to setup on any client.

Client configuration


Thunderbird is a mail client which also supports newsgroups, web feeds and chat (amongst other things). Works on most popular operating systems.

Step to create:

  1. Open preferences from main menu
  2. Select account settings
  3. Account actions (bottom left)
  4. Add Other account
  5. Select "Newsgroup account"
  6. Fill in your preferred contact details
  7. Newsgroup server: orbitalfox.eu
  8. Give whatever account name you prefer

Set up:

  1. Open the new account
  2. Set connection security: SSL/TLS
  3. Under server settings
    1. Tick: Always request authentication when connecting to server
  4. Default text encoding: UTF-8

Also see my recommendations for writing messages with Thunderbird.


Pan is a usenet reader that works on most Nix systems and Windows.

Configuration for Pan News (as of version 0.144)


by Kmicu.

(setq gnus-select-method
      '(nntp "orbitalfox" ; hostname
       (nntp-address "orbitalfox.eu") ; adderss to the news server
       (nntp-port-number 563) ; port number is required
       nntp-open-tls-stream))) ; use secure connection


For slrn, insert into the .slrnrc file:

set realname "[YOUR NAME]"
set username "[USERID]"
set hostname "[@EMAILHOST.COM]"
set replyto "[REPLY@EMAILHOST.COM]"

set server_object "nntp"
set post_object "nntp"

nnrpaccess "snews://orbitalfox.eu" "[USERID]" "[PASSWORD]"
server "snews://orbitalfox.eu" ".jnewsrc-orbit"

For a more expansive slrn setup checkout: https://svn.riouxsvn.com/sehnsucht_dots/slrn_howto