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Searching for FTP-LDAP-daemons

One of my latest interests is finding services which are designed with the UNIX philosophy, which is to do one thing well and leave the rest to other systems. The collaboration should be done over well defined and time enduring protocols.

List of FTPds considered:

Aspects considered:

LDAP support

Vsftpd does not have LDAP support directly, but only via PAM module. This could be regarded as superior design, as vsftpd's developers have chosen to leave advanced authentications to external systems. This keeps vsftpd's esoteric to-the-point.

Proftpd and pureftpd support LDAP via modules, directly.

On Ubuntu

Ubuntu offers proftpd-mod-ldap and pure-ftpd-ldap along with their respective base packages.

There are ARM packages which can be found on launchpad. Pure-ftpd and proftpd.

On Arch

Arch for x86(-64) and ARM has support for vsftpd from the standard repositories. AUR provides proftpd and pure-ftpd.

Generally both Arch and Ubuntu provide good support for all packages, on both architectures, one way or another. All hail C's portability!


Proftpd doesn't require configuration files if all is needed is access for the system users. Some of the configurable features are:

Pure-ftpd doesn't need configuration to get working right after installation either. It does not actually read itself any configuration files (except for LDAP and SQL). So the daemon is configured by the flags it is called with, be it by the wrapper script they provide, an init file or some other script. Some of each features are:

For vsftpd comes with a configuration file with a typical, directive based .conf file. Here is a link to the documentation. For PAM .pam extention found in the package. Some of the more basic features are:

General notes

Proftpd has a few dated pages and documents on their website. This could either be a sign of the design's longevity or lack of developer resources.